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How To Create Rose Petals spiral Effect in Photoshop

Just 8 steps and you will end up having this beautiful design in photoshop. The amazing fact is that if you are not a pro in photoshop still it will be super easy to create this design. Just follow my steps. So without a further delay let’s open  Photoshop and start the first step. 

Step 1

Take a new document of 2000px / 2000px. Fill the color with black (#000000)


Step 2

Create a circle (Here I create a circle of 400 px) with the color white. Just copy past that same circle the two times and place it on the middle of the page


Step 3

Make more two groups of that same circles. Just like the below image.


Step 4

Change the color of circles and remove the middle circle. Just like the below image.


Step 5

Create a square and rotate it 45 degree. Place that square in the middle of those circles. The color of the square should be the same as your background


Step 6

Merge all the layers and duplicate. You will get the same design on your duplicate layer. Make it smaller than the last one and place it in the middle


Step 7

Merge the two layers. Go to filter –> blur –> Radial blur. Select zoom (In my case amount 42 is good to go. It depends on your circle. So you can play around) and Quality should check good.


Step 8

Go to filter –> distort –> Twirl. Angle around 150 to 159. And you are done.

Get an awesome looking “ROSE FLOWER PETALS SPIRAL”


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