Best gym bag in India – The ultimate guide of your best gym bag

Fitness is the new trend, and going to the gym is a healthy habit. For that, you need the best gym bag as your companion. A bag for the gym should fulfill your requirement. If you are trying to find the best gym bag, you are at the right place. You get the ultimate guide of your best gym bag and eventually, you get a clear idea of which gym bag is best for you

Let's move forward and get a brief idea of what we are going to talk about.

Eventually, we’ll help you to buy your best fitness bag.

Type of gym bags available in the market

Before buying a gym bag for your daily use, let’s first talk about the different types of fitness bags available in the market—all the differences between the styles mentioned below.

The most common and widely used gym bags are duffle bags. Most of the time, duffel bags are cylindrical. A large compartment and some handy side pockets make it more useful. They come with a lot of space to carry all your gym equipment. Sometimes a separate shoe compartment and water bottle holder are also included. A duffel bag is multi-purpose in use. You can use it as a travel bag as well as a sports bag. A gym duffle bag type is readily available online and offline too.

If you head towards your gym after your office, then most of the time, working professionals like these types of bags, because it is easy to carry. Both men and women can use it. Different compartments make these bags more useful.

Backpacks are the easiest to carry. As you take it on your back, eventually, the weight no longer feels much. Balancing your work life and fitness is a bit difficult sometimes. Often, some best fitness backpack comes with a laptop compartment. So you can balance your work life and health at the same time.

Women like to carry a small amount of makeup with them, wherever they travel. Gym tote bags make that easy, as some handy side pockets are always there. Although women are concerned about how they look? A gym tote bag goes with different looks. Either someone likes to go to the gym first and then to college or office, then they can use this bag as we can call it a bag for multi-purpose.

Often, professionals use athletic gym bags. Most of the time, these are a little more expensive than the other four types. Universal best gym bag brands like Nike, Puma, Wildcraft, Adidas, etc., come with various types of Athletic Gym bags. For different sports, different types of athletic gym bags are available. These are the most durable gym bags.

Features of best gym bag

In the beginning, let’s talk about what features the best bag for the gym should have and why? Features make it different from others of its kind. 

A gym bag should have enough room to carry your gym essentials. 

Having a water bottle holder and a separate shoe compartment makes it user-friendly as it helps you keep your clothes dry and clean.

 And the most important is that a gym bag should be light in weight. A heavy gym bag is a big no. 

Above all, before buying a fitness bag, check its water-resistance or not, because it makes your gym bag more durable.

What to carry with you to the gym?

While arranging your fitness bag, always carry a water bottle with you. As we are living a busy life, we don’t want to stand in a queue. So a water bottle becomes a must. A towel with you is one of the essentials thing to carry. 

Most of these days, gyms have a music system in them. But if you prefer to play your playlist while working out. Then keep a headset with you; choose to carry Bluetooth headphones.

8 best gym bags in India with details

Here I made a list of eight branded and non branded products, those I find suitable for gym-goers. Also made a detailed review of every product, that will help our readers to find their one out of best gym bags for men and women.

Gear Cross-Training Travel Duffel Grey Orange (Grey)

As there is so much variety available in duffle bags, it’s not always easy to choose. Gear duffle bag primarily used by men all over India. Light-weighted, good quality fabric, and enough space make this product worth buying. Long adjustable shoulder strap fit for users of any height. Sometimes people look for a less spacey product as its space will be enough to carry a pair of gym shoes, gym gloves, water bottle, towel, headset, and an extra pair of cloth. This product comes with a one-year warranty from the best gym bag brand in India. In other words, it is one of the best gym bags for men.

NIKE W NK Gym Club Gym Duffle

Some brands don’t need any introduction. Are you searching for a designer gym bag for women? There is no need to explore more. Nike has designed this product, especially for women. It’s a lovely sized bag and perfect for its intended use, i. e. gym gloves, a pair of shoes, and a kit. As a small bag, it holds a fair bit. An extra pocket inside and outside provides a little storage. Item comes with five different colour options so that you can pick your own out of it. In short, it is among the few best bags popular with women.

AUXTER Blacky Leatherette Gym Bag Duffel Bag Shoulder Bag for Men and Women Emboss Logo (Black)

It comes with a large double zip closure compartment and external mesh organiser pocket for the earphones, ID card, sanitiser, house keys, fitness Band, etc. The main pocket for all your gym essentials, like gym clothes, gym belt, towel, gym gloves, shaker, shoe pair, etc. A long adjustable shoulder handle and double side easy carry handle are attached to it so that you can use it as a backpack for the gym. The leatherette fabric is quite shiny, indeed enhancing your gym look. The heavy-duty and durability of this product are mind-blowing. Though it doesn’t have any separate shoe compartment, I ensure you’re not going to face any issue with that as the large room is more than sufficient. Overall if you are looking for a gym duffel bag come backpack, this can be your choice.

Nike Polyester 40.5 cms Black Gym Tote

The Nike gym tote provides ample storage with a zippered main compartment. The Zippered main compartment offers a separate closet for your gym equipment—an interior drop pocket to store water bottles. And the Upright handles help to carry the product comfortably. The product comes in black colour, so this Nike gym tote goes perfect with all the looks. It’s the most popular designer gym bag for women. Gym tote bags r primarily popular among women, but unisex gym tote bags are available online too.

Nike 20 Ltrs Black & White Casual Backpack

Backpack bags are always easy to carry. If you are looking for a backpack for the gym, then this product will fit you. Nike backpack bag 2.0 combines functionality with its clean and simplifying design. A comfortable strap makes it comfortable to carry. Nike is famous for making the best fitness backpack all over the world. As working professionals or office goers, even college-goers like a backpack for the gym. A backpack gym bag with a laptop compartment keeps the laptop safe and erases cubicle work boundaries. Now it’s easy to work while burning the carbs out. The product has a thirty days manufacturing warranty with the best gym bag brand.


Duffle bags are the most popular gym bags. Puma duffle bags are one of the best gym bags for the gym. A main compartment to carry all the gym essentials. An outside side pocket makes it handier to hold a car key, id cards, musk, and some small items as some brands don’t need any introductions. Puma duffle bag comes with trusted durability and two popular colours, red and blue. In short, if you like a duffle bag for the gym, then you can choose this for both men and women. 

Wildcraft Polyester 34 cms Red Gym Bag

Before buying any new product, it is vital to know its purpose. However, backpackers are popular with gym users. But all gym users don’t always require a gym bag with a laptop and shoe compartment. If you are one of them, this backpack style gym bag is suitable for you, with two separate rooms. The zippered main compartment provides spacious storage. Men, as well as women widely, use wildcraft backpacks for the gym. Wildcraft is one of the best fitness backpack makers, so going with the brand will always be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Question

Bodybuilders should go for athletic gym bags. As they go for indoor and outdoor training, a more durable gym bag will fit them most. Above all, bodybuilders need to carry more gym essentials than an ordinary person, so the fitness bag has to be capable of holding more weight as the best gym bag brands have a wide variety of this range. In short, go for an athletic gym bag.

It’s hard to suggest the best designer gym bags because everyone has a different preference. You have to choose your design out of the wide range available online and offline too. I can suggest some universal best gym bag brands and best gym bag brands in India like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Wildcraft, Gear, Nivia, Sfane, Killer, and many more.

If a fitness bag is more durable, most of the time, it’s heavy-duty. Before buying, check the product review if you are buying online. Even if you are buying offline, ask the salesperson if the product carries a heavy load or not. To find a rich duty product, you have to rely upon buyers’ reviews.

First of all, think about what your purpose in buying a gym bag is. What do you want to carry in it? If these answers are clear, then you can find your bag easily. For insurance, if you are a woman and want a gym bag for multi-purpose, then go for tote bags. If you are a college student and go to the gym after college, you must choose backpack gym bags. For that, if you are an office person and have enough room to carry an extra bag, then a duffle bag should be your choice. So choose as per your requirement.

All the fitness bags come in various sizes. Buy as per your need. Generally, gym bags are available from 10 litres to 30 litres. If you are a minimum carrier, the 10-15 litter will be enough for you. If you are a moderate carrier, then 15-20 litres is good. If you are a heavy carrier, then go for 20-30 litres.

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