Top 7 summer flowering plants in India

The winter season is about to be over so the beautiful flowering season will be gone soon, isn’t it? But this is not true to a passionate gardener. Although it’s true to some extent that we may not get as many colorful flower plants as in winter but there are lots of summer flowering plant in india which can easily grab your attention. It is not true fact at all that winter is the only flowering season in india. Every season comes with their signature flowers and there is no exception in summer.

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When the weather is getting warm slowly, aren’t you all excited to know about the best flowers to grow in summer in India? To put an end to your curiosity here is a list of summer flowering plants in India.

1. Balsam

summer flowering trees in india

Start the list with BALSAM flower. Balsam is one of the best summer plants in India. You would love to have it in your garden. Balsam flower resemble with mini roses thickly spaced petals and tones. The balsam plant has a soft, fleshy stem; and spirally arranged long pointed leaves.

Balsam care

  • It needs full sunlight
  • Soil should be moist and well-drained.
  • Watering should be done when soil feels dry
  • Use water-soluble, quick-release fertilizers; temperature-controlled slow-release fertilizers; or organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion.
  • Blooming Time Summer to fall
  • The favorable temperature is 25 degrees to 40 degree.
  • It will be good to plant in a 10 to 12-inch pot

2. Cosmos

best plants to grow in summer in india

This might be one of the best plants to grow in summer in India. This is none other than a COSMOS flower plant. Cosmos are the summer annual flowers in India. As we know India is a tropical country and this plant is a heat-loving plant. Although the cosmos used to take a little time to germinate but it blooms quickly after that and continues to flower through the fall. It will not only increase the beauty of the garden but also attract various beautiful butterflies, bees, and birds to your garden. You need to pinch it out all spend flowers to encourage your plant to continues blooms.

Cosmos care

  • It needs full sunlight. Very low maintenance plant.
  • Soil should be medium moist and well-drained though it can grow in poor soil. Cosmos prefer acidic soil.
  • It doesn’t need any specific fertilizer. As it is one of the best summer annual flowers in India so it can survive low fertilization and care. It will be great if you can use water of coffee and tea leaves the water. To bring more flowers you can use banana peals once or twice a month.
  • Blooming time summer to fall
  • Favorable Temperature is more than 30 degree temperature.
  • It will be good to plant in 6 to 8-inch pot

3. Zinnia

plants to grow in june in india

Zinnia is one of the plants to grow in june in india. If you do not want to put much effort and expect flowering for long time then you should try growing Zinnia. The zinnia flower is an annual that blooms very quickly and is incredibly easy to maintain. Zinnia is that kind of summer flowering plant in india that attracts butterflies and bees to your garden. Certainly, Zinnia makes your garden more colourful.

Zinnia Care

  • It needs full of sunlight
  • Soil should be very rich in fertilizer and should be well-drained
  • Water the plant when the upper layer of soil is dry.
  • To get the best result use any compost (Cow dung compost, Vermicompost). To get loads of flowering use banana Peals.
  • Blooming time summer.
  • Use a 10inch pot to get the best result.

4. Gardenia

flowering plants in summer in india

Gardenia might be the best flowering plant in summer in India. Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family. Gardenia is an attractive, waxy, creamy-white flower-bearing. It will reward you with vibrant foliage and the proliferation of fragrant blooms. Their scent is wonderful. Gardenia is not very easy to grow but your garden is empty if you don’t have gardenia. It needs proper caring about soil, fertilizer, and watering. Gardenia like a bit acidic soil and you will get a very good result if you plant it in the ground instead of a pot. A moderate humid condition is ideal for this plant. You have to add cocopeat or peat moss when you prepare the soil for this summer plant.

Gardenia Care

  • Full and Partial Sunlight
  • Soil should be moist but take care of the soggy roots problem
  • Well watering to the plant
  • Gardenia is a heavy feeder. Any organic fertilizer is good but mustard cake liquid and bone meal is the best fertilizer
  • Use a 12inch pot to get the best result
  • Blooming time summer
  • Use pesticide to avoid the attack of whiteflies

5. Sunflower

best flowering plants for summer in india

You can’t miss this summer flowering plant in India that is SUNFLOWER. Your garden is supposed to be empty without this big bright yellow flower of sunflowers. Most sunflowers are heat and drought-tolerant. They also make excellent cut flowers and are loved by the bees and birds. You don’t need to pay extra attention and very easy to grow.

Sunflower Care

  • Full and direct sunlight for at least 6 to 8hours
  • It is a heavy feeder so you need to prepare very enriched soil
  • Water plants deeply but infrequently to encourage deep rooting
  • Feed plants only sparingly; over-fertilization can cause stems to break in the fall
  • Sunflowers are heavy feeders so the soil needs to be nutrient-rich with organic matter or composted (aged) manure.
  • Blooming time summer
  • Good to use 12inch pot

6. Bougainvillea

summer blooming flowers in india

Bougainvillea is one of the wonderful summer plants in India. If you are a passionate gardener then you cannot let bougainvillea go out from your garden. It is a semi-climber and can be grown as a hedge, a shrub, a climber over a sunny wall, and also in pots. Bougainvilleas have beautiful, brightly colored bracts, which are specialized leaves that contain the plants flower. Bougainvillea is tough as nails, fast-growing, and puts on a spectacular show of color year-round. Mature plants can be heavy feeders ¹ High phosphorus with micronutrients, as well as additional iron and magnesium. Plants grow best with small amounts of nutrients constantly available.

Bougainvillea care

  • Full sunlight
  • The soil must be well-drained soil as well as sandy
  • Fertilize your plant before flowering. After that just use mustard cake liquid
  • Prune your plant throughout the year, but especially in the late winter before the new growth cycle
  • Bougainvillea blooms better when kept on the dry side. Too much water will give you lots of green growth and fewer flowers. Keep it dry.
  • Cold is a problem. These tropicals don’t like to go below 30 degrees.
  • Use 12inch pot to get better results
  • Blooming time summer

7. Portulaca

summer flowering plants in india

These might be the easiest and most beautiful summer plants in india to grow. Portulaca is truly the best summer flowering plant for pots in india. It is also best for hanging purposes. Portulaca is also known as 9 O clock plant as it blooms approximately at 9 O clock in the morning in India, making it a very interesting plant. The plant will bloom and it could be of any colored flower. Portulaca flowers are truly beautiful in various garden and landscape settings and have been used to beautify old structures and stone walkways. Many varieties of portulaca have semi-double to fully double flowers that resemble miniature roses. Flowers bloom in bright colors, like yellow, orange, red, and bright pink, white, cream, and variegated flower colors are also available.

Portulaca Care

  • Try to water the plants in the morning around 8-10 am.
  • Good to prune and fertilize in the spring season
  • Portulacas love it hot and dry. You can plant them in poor, even sandy, soil.
  • Need to remove dead head, infected or damaged plant parts
  • Full sunlight

There are a lot of other summer flowering trees in India but these 7 flowering plants are considered the summer flowering plants in India. I think this article will help you to grow your garden with more colors. Don’t stop producing flowers as we know “The Earth laughs in flowers”  by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

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