10 Best Health Drinks and Protein Powders For Kids in India

Children and teens need to eat healthy foods, but healthy milk drinks are also very important for their growth . In every child’s upbringing and adequate foods, proper kid’s protein powders are also required. These nutrition powders for children add additional nutritional value to their bodies and boost their energy. But every parent is very concerned about which milk powder is best for their kids and what is the best health drink for kids in India?

The 10 Best Health Drinks for Kids and Teens in India

What a child drinks can have a considerable impact on the number of calories ingested and calcium in their diet, essential for developing strong bones. A child’s health is the prime concern for all parents. Every parent wants their child to be healthy, more robust, with an excellent immune system from childhood.

In many cases, it has been found that when young children are reluctant to drink milk, they will finish their drink within a minute if any other protein powder is mixed with their milk.

Though many more resources are available in the market, sometimes Indian parents get confused about choosing the best health drink for kids in India.

In this guide, we will discuss the pros and cons of the best ten best health drinks and protein powder for your children available in the Indian market.

So without wasting your time, please follow the guide.

Nestle Ceregrow Growing up Multigrain Cereal

Nestles Ceregrow is a junior cereal with high nutrients and delicacies like fruit, milk, and multigrain. This is ideal for kids of 2 to 5 years old. If you are thinking about which powder is best for child growth, you can choose these health drinks for your kids as the best milk supplement for 2-year-old.

You can use this along with any varied, balanced diet and your kids’ healthy lifestyle. For example, Ceregrow is a good source of iron that helps cognitive development, and Vitamin A, C, D, and calcium, also help in kids’ growth.

It’s also a rich source of protein with 17 types of vitamins and minerals, also free from any flavors and preservatives.


  • It’s an overall product for a child’s nutrition
  • Babies are generally fond of Ceregrow for its fantastic taste.
  • It is regarded as one of the best options for child nutrition.
  • It’s a good food option when you don’t have time to cook for your kid.


  • No negative points have found

PediaSure Health and Nutritional Drink Powder

PediaSure is one of the best-needed health drinks for children in India, especially for 2 years and above. It provides complete and balanced nutrition during the years of rapid growth and development of your child.

It consists of micronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. It is scientifically proven to give minor infection and more growth to the child.


  • PediaSure can be used with both milk and water.
  • It contains good fat content, which helps for the growth of the kids.
  • It protects the kids from malnourished.
  • It is a widely recommended product for a child’s growth and development and also increases immunity power.


  • The authenticity and the packaging of the product must be checked before purchasing.
  • Improper storage may lead to damage to the product.

Nestle Nangrow Nutritious Milk Drink

Nestle Nangrow is an essential 2 years baby health drink for all ages 2 to 5 years. Its vital nutrients help in the growth and development of children.

It has a creamy vanilla flavour which makes it more delicious for the children. In addition, this baby health drink consists of whey protein and probiotics, which makes it more digestible for children.

Vitamin A, C, iron, selenium, and other immuno-nutrients help a child’s immune system.


  • It has DHA, which helps the child’s normal brain development.
  • Its enriched calcium and Vitamin D helps in a child’s bone development.
  • It’s an excellent product for a child to digest.


  • It’s not ideal for babies younger than two years.
  • Sometimes the babies didn’t like its vanilla flavour.

Horlicks Health & Nutrition Drink

Horlicks is a well-known and best malt based health drink for child growth in India. It has blended proteins, minerals, and vitamins, making the child’s bones more potent and mentally sharper. It is also helpful in increasing the lean tissue in the body.

This malt drink has malted barley, wheat flour, milk solids, adequate vitamins, and isolated proteins, which help grow the baby. Parents often think does Horlicks increase height? It increases the density of calcium in the body and strengthens the bones of the children. In addition, this healthy malt based drinks for children helps to make the child sharper by improving their attention and concentration.


  • It helps in the physical growth and development of the baby
  • It keeps the child energetic and boosts their metabolism.
  • It makes the bones healthy and more muscular.
  • It also improves the immunity system of the baby.


  • It has more sugar content which is harmful to children.
  • The extreme sugar content of Horlicks may lead to obesity and other diseases.

Complan Nutrition and health drink

Many people ask, “Is complaining good for health? Complan nutrition and health drink is a scientifically proven health drink for kids in India. It is clinically proven to give a kid’s growth two times faster. So, Complan is one of the Best Health Drinks for Child Growth India.

It also has a milk-based protein content that helps strengthen the immune system stronger and helps in brain development and functioning. Regular use of complan enhances the overall performance of the kid’s body. It contains 100% first-class protein and 34 vital nutrients like vitamin A, D, C, and much more, which help immune function.


  • Children can consume it with both milk and water.
  • It helps in the growth of a child two times faster than any other drink.
  • It contains nutrients like Iron, Iodine, Vitamin B12, which help to grow brain function.
  • Its high calorific value helps to stay active all day.


  • Its high sugar content is detrimental to a child’s health.
  • Sometimes more intake of complan leads to being overweight.
  • Its extreme sugar content leads to tooth decay.

Enfagrow Nutritional Milk Powder

Enfagrow A+ is a nutritional milk powder for kids above three years of age. It is a unique blend of essential nutrients like DHA, prebiotics, and various micronutrients.

It supports the body’s overall development, including brain development, immunity system, and overall physical growth. In addition, it offers the highest amount of DHA among all other kids’ nutrition and contains less sugar.


  • It has DHA, Zinc, Vitamin A, and C, which supports the respiratory health of the body.
  • It has calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium, which promote child growth.
  • Its iron, zinc, and other prediction contents help to build a more muscular immunity system.
  • It also helps to develop the child’s brain, including intellectual, emotional, and communication skills.


  • Adding it with additional milk might be harmful to the child.
  • Sometimes it increases bowel movements and leads to stomach aches.

Amway Nutrilite Chocolate Drink

Amway Nutrilite chocolate drink is an essential health drink for babies in India that is ideal for kids’ nutrition. It provides vital nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Its low fat composition produces adequate energy without any unwanted calories. In addition, it helps to gain more robust bones and muscles.


  • It’s a must-needed protein source with soybean, wheat, and yellow pea.
  • It contains no sugar.
  • It supplies nine must-needed amino acids for the body.
  • It is easy to digest and can be consumed any time of the day.


  • Sometimes overdose of the protein has adverse effects on health.
  • If you have a protein allergy, you must not intake it.

Cadbury Bournvita Chocolate Health Drink

Cadbury Bournvita is a well-known health drink for kids. It contains eight vital immunity nutrients like Vitamins A, B12, C, D, zinc, copper, iron, and selenium. It also helps normal bone development, and the protein content helps in the growth of muscles.


  • It helps to gain more robust bones and muscles.
  • It promotes blood circulation in the body.
  • It also helps in essential mental development.
  • It boosts immunity and improves metabolism.


  • Overuse of Bournvita may lead to gastrointestinal problems.
  • Its high sugar level leads to various metabolic diseases.

Manna Multigrains Health & Nutrition Drink

Manna multigrain health drink is a 100% natural multigrain health drink in India that contains no preservatives, added colours or sugar content. Instead, it’s a traditional blend of cereals, pulses, and nuts, making it delicious for the children.

It contains adequate protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, which help growth and a robust immune system.


  • It’s a pure natural product.
  • It’s regarded as one of the most delicious breakfasts.
  • It’s protein content helps the growth of the body.
  • It doesn’t consist of any artificial elements like preservatives and colors.


  • It needs to be appropriately prepared; otherwise, it would taste very awkward.
  • It might cause vomiting in some cases.

Gritzo Supermilk Health Drinks

Gritzo super milk is an essential health drink in India for 8 to 12 years of kids. It contains whey protein which is absorbed entirely in the body. Daily intake of Gritzo super milk provides 34% of the protein in the body and other vitamins and minerals. It also has DHA and other vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, which helps in the growth of the body.


  • It’s an essential health drink for young athletes.
  • It contains whey protein which is one of the best vegetarian proteins.
  • It is available in various flavours, which makes it delicious in taste.


  • It’s not suitable for young kids.
  • It’s high protein content sometimes makes it non-digestible.

One of the best health drinks and protein powders for child growth in India has been described in the above guide. Each of the products has its advantages for the health which have enlisted here.

Hope this guide will be helpful for those who are in search of the best health drinks and protein powders for children in India. Please follow this guide and act accordingly on your choice.

Hope we help you with this well-described information to clearing out all doubt. 

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